Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

Viewing The Process of Luwak Coffee Making

Here is a Luwak coffee making process from picking coffee from coffee tree to be eaten and excreted by the mongoose. Civet coffee is coffee beans mature trees are eaten by animals civet (Viverridae) and issued in conjunction with animal feces. In the digestive mongoose, the beans remain intact undigested because of harsh, but undergo a process of mixing and fermentation with other mongoose food.

Pic1.Civet (Viverridae)

As an eater of plants, fruits, and flowers, mongoose is an animal that smart to choose foods that are good for her. Thus, the process of fermentation in the digestive mongoose that is what makes the coffee taste is different. The aroma is fragrant and have a bitter taste sour and bitter are more distinctive and special.
Consider the process of making the following Luwak Coffee ...
First, the farmers started picking ripe coffee cherries on the tree, which is red.
Second, after the coffee fruit collected, sorted again that it is just fine, because only the ripe coffee cherries (red color) to be eaten civet as food.

Biji Kopi Luwak
Pic2.Coffee Beans
Third, the mongoose are welcome to eat the best coffee cherries that have been selected by farmers earlier. Mongoose body will only digest the fruit flesh only, while the seeds will be kept intact when removed back in the form of fecal material.
And fourth, this is the form of the famous mongoose feces, as already mentioned above, the seeds remain intact right? Physically, beans and other coffee can be distinguished from the color and aroma. Yellowish beans and fragrant, while regular coffee beans and less fragrant green.
Pic3.Civet Feces
Fifth, subsequent bean coffee mixed in the stool, separated, collected, cleaned, then dried in the sun, and be famous beans expensive. Certainly, this is the best coffee beans, because only the ripe fruit is selected civet coffee as food.
Pic4.Dried Luwak Beans
Steady Luwak coffee drunk without sugar, bitter taste and aroma of coffee is also very pronounced. Luwak coffee sold in Jakarta heard a price of about USD 200,000 per cup... ;)
Pic5.Luwak Beans

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